Conflict 1

Conflict multiplayer is like a standard free for all death-match with players spawning in random spots and there are no guns to pick up. Many of the GoldenEye Wii maps are small so often times I find when I spawn in a game with full players I will be shot at rather quickly. Right after I spawn I will try and get my bearings of where I am on the map and find some cover.

It is pretty easy to find a camping spot and sit tight for a while in GoldenEye. In every map there are corners where you can hide and have a great shot at a person before they will see you. There is radar and players will show up after firing their non-silenced weapon. This helps the campers locate players and then snipe them from afar. But it will also show players where campers are after they fire.

One thing I like about the radar is players will appear as an arrow if they are far away or on a different floor level. But if they are on the same level as you they will appear as a circle. This way you can really tell if you are in danger or not.

This video is a conflict game on the Outpost map. If you watch the whole video you can see some pretty good camping spots. I ended the match with 16 kills and 14 deaths so at least I had more kills than deaths.

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  1. Reply Real Gamer Dec 3, 2010 1:09 am

    Goldeneye is better then Call of Duty Reflex!

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