F.N.G Mission 1

The F.N.G mission is the training mission for Call of Duty 4. In this mission you play as Soap MacTavish. This mission shows you how to handle guns, grenades, and runs you through a training area. You need to learn how to do use the scope in method of shooting, and run through a training area by killing cardboard enemies and using flash grenades.

Mission Walk Through:
Time on Video
00:00 – 01:30: Target practice with a G36C assault rifle using different shooting techniques. You have to aim with the scope and fire from the hip. There is also a timed event that you’re supposed to do with the scope, but I completed it by firing from the hip and memorizing where the targets will popup.

01:31 – 02:09 : Switching between main weapon and secondary and stabbing a watermelon. (You might hear a cat in the background that is mine and not part of the game.)

02:10 – 02:37: Using the mission waypoint finder and check objectives.

02:38 – 03:07: Soldiers talking.

03:08 – 03:37: CQB test instructions.

03:38 – 03:42: Missed rope :( Make sure press A before you run off the platform.

03:43 – 04:28 : Run through CQB. When you get down from the rope there will be 1 guy right in front of you and 2 more a little to the right. Run to the right and turn left and go down the stairs. There will be 1 guy at the foot of the stairs. Turn left and throw a flash bang grenade through the door. 2 guys will popup after flash bang. Turn left 2 guys one straight ahead and one to the right. Turn left and throw a flash through the door. Don’t go through door stay at entrance and kill the 2 guys that popup after flash goes off. One guy will be straight through the door the other a little to the left behind the barrels. Turn right and run to the end.

04:29 – 04:57: Mission ending, soldiers debrief you about your first real mission.

Sorry for how dark the video is. I took this video with my camcorder. I might re-shoot this at another time, but since this mission is pretty easy I probably won’t for a while.

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