FPS Multiplayer Basics

I’ve been playing First person shooter games since the mid 1990s when Duke Nukem 3D ruled.  Along the way I have learned a thing or two about mulitplayer, how to stay alive and how to kill.

I’m going to share with you just basic strategies.  Some people will probably think these are second nature, or you should know this stuff before you pick up a controller, but this will be a good refresher for those people.

Keep Your Back Against a Wall
Nothing is worse than getting shot in the back. Although it’s not always possible to keep your back against a wall you should know your surroundings so if you do get shot at you know the direction they are hitting you from.

Always Keep Moving (especially while shooting)
A moving target is much harder to hit than one that is standing still. This is especially true in Call of Duty, since when someone scopes in they are immediately aiming at your head.

Get Familiar with one Gun
Ideally you should know about all the different weapons so you know how to counter them, but at first you should pick one gun and get really good with it. When I first pick up an FPS I play around with a bunch of different guns until I find one I like then I only play with that one until I am proficient with it.

Learn the Multiplayer Maps
Each map is different so you need to take the time and pay attention when you are play a map for the first few times. Look for good sniping spots and camping spots. It may take a while to learn all the maps so if you find one you really like you can try and play exclusively with that one.

That’s about all the advice I have for now. Hopefully with these tips you can stop getting owned and start owning some noobs.

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