Golden Gun Multiplayer Mode

Golden Gun multiplayer mode for Golden Eye 007 Wii is quickly becoming my favorite to play.  The matches are always fast paced with few people camping.  Most of the time it turns into a brawl for the golden gun with bodies piling up everywhere at the gun’s location.

Favorite maps to play Golden Gun

Archives – probably my favorite multiplayer map for Golden Eye period. This map is small with many hallways and stairs that become killing grounds with shotguns.  These matches are fast-paced and exciting.  You never know when someone is going to pop around the corner and you have to have quick reflexes for when they do.  Sometimes you can only get off one shotgun shot before the other person picks you off with their shotgun.  Since the map is close quarters the power of the golden gun is greatly diminished against shotguns.

Outpost – I like all the buildings and places you can hide although sometimes people will camp in this map which becomes pretty annoying especially if they are a good sniper.  Most of the camping spots have two entrances making it pretty easy find them and

Industrial – this map is a little more open than Outpost, but it has a cool underground area that is awesome to have the golden gun in.  When I play this map after I get the golden gun I will usually head for the underground area or the train.  If you camp in the train it can be hard to hold onto the gun.  Most of the players will immediately figure out you are camping the train and head for you.  You can also be easily sniped if you linger too long in the trains doorways.

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