GoldenEye Kill Each Other At Same Time

Recently it seems that even after I kill an enemy player sometimes their gun will keep firing and that will end up killing me too. This can be very frustrating when it seems that I have a legitimate kill and they get a cheap one. What makes this even worse is how this affects my kills to deaths ratio.

While watching over some of my recorded matches I found many times when the player I was shooting at died, but their character was still firing while they fell to the ground, and those stray bullets would clip me and cause me to die.   Sometimes it’s pretty funny at how long of a delay there is between the guy being clearly eliminated and then me dying.

I don’t know if this is meant to happen or if it’s a glitch in the programming where there is a delay in calculating when the bullet was fired and when it hits the target.

If you don’t want this happening to you I suggest if it’s at all possible to not be standing in front of them while you are firing at them.  Usually I like to strafe around characters, but oftentimes this isn’t possible especially with how narrow the maps can be in buildings and corridors.  Some multiplayer modes are extremely fast-paced making this strategy difficult to pull off too.

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