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After I’ve played a couple of matches in GoldenEye using their shotgun, I wanted to try out Call of Duty 4’s shotgun and see how they compared. Normally I don’t play with shotguns that often unless it is a very good map for them.

I don’t like how they handle, and I really have to know the map well in order to get the jump on players. They usually have a small amount of bullets, the reload time is slow, and they are only good in close range.

In GoldenEye the shotgun feels much more accurate especially if you sight in. The reload time isn’t nearly as long either. After playing two matches with the shotgun in COD4 I was ready to switch back to a light machine gun, which is my favorite kind to use.

I will however still use a shotgun in GoldenEye because they actually are pretty decent for some maps and especially in golden gun mode where the action is usually closer up.

Maps I recommend using the Shotgun: Wet work, Shipment, and Vacant

Perks used in video: RPG, Juggernaut, Steady aim

Compare this video to GoldenEye shotgun.

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  1. Reply Andy Benderson Apr 5, 2011 4:53 pm

    Hey. CoD is awesome. My roommate says its the worst game in the world and many people think so. What an idiot, right?

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