WetWork Free for All 1

Weapon used; M60E4 for almost the whole match. I did pick up a carbine at one point but only used it for less than a minute. Perks I used: claymore mines, double tap, and martydom. I only got one kill from martyrdom.

Overall I think my score would have been better if I scoped in more often instead of just spraying, and if I didn’t spend a couple minutes trying to camp at the bridge area. I really hate dying on this map, because when you respawn you are going to be out in the middle of nowhere usually and there aren’t many safe spots in this map.

Good camping spot: I believe there is only one entrance up to the bridge and if you camp that staircase you have a good shot on them and you can back out of the doorway if you miss.

Total kills: seventeen
Total deaths: thirteen
Best kill streak: four
Martyrdom kills: one
Claymore kills: zero
Grenade kills: zero
Knife kills: one

Break Down:
0:00 – 0:30 – I spend this time running around a little bit and trying to get a feel for where the players are at. I run into a few people and I am cut down pretty quickly.
0:31 – 0:42 – I think there isn’t anyone camping, I lob a grenade near one of the open areas. A guy runs into me and I kill him, but I should have scoped in right away because it takes way too many shots to kill him. After I kill him I move near the edge of the map to reload since the M60E4 takes a while to reload.
0:43 – 0:49 – I turn to my right and see a guy shooting at me while he is coming down the stairs. Right when I see him I sprint towards him and stab him. I got clipped a couple times, but luckily I didn’t die.
0:50 – 1:15 – I’m still looking for a place to reload and I sloppily lay the first claymore mine. The second one I put down is a little bit better spot but I probably could have placed them better near the doorway. I reload my gun.
1:16 – 3:05 – This part is pretty boring; I try and camp the bridge and pick off players from atop the deck, but I can’t get a good shot off because of the rail. I should have tried to jump onto the rail to get a better shot.
3:06 – 3:26 – I’m pretty sure I got the attention of some players I hear one of my claymores go off and decide to wait for them to come up the stairs. I kill one guy that comes up the stairs and get three kill streak.
Getting the UAV recon is huge in free for all because most players don’t use the jammer perk. This way I will know who is around me and when it is safe to reload.
3:27 – 3:42 – Since I have the UAV recon I decide to move from my spot. I take out one player easily.
3:43 – 4:00 – I decide to go right into the thick of things and move towards the middle of the map. I try and get one more kill for a five-kill streak but I should have been more patient, and I am killed easily before I can get a kill.
4:03 – 5:06 – I get killed a little bit after I spawn. I spawn on top of an M4 Carbine and pick it up. I hate using the Carbine with double tap. It just fires too quickly for my liking. Since the Carbine is so accurate I just fire it from the hip instead of scoping in.
I get one kill with the Carbine.
5:11 – 5:40 – I respawn and am almost immediately killed. I keep respawning and am killed almost right after I spawn. I am getting pretty frustrated at this point.
5:41 – 6:10 – I finally spawn and can get my bearings, and I get two quick kills. The third kill I don’t know what I was thinking just shooting him in the back from the hip with an M60E4 is not a good idea, but I get the kill after pouring a lot of bullets at him.
6:11 – 6:40 – I have the UAV up again so I can take my time and reload. I run into a guy a little unexpectedly and I luckily fire first and kill him before he can aim at me. I try running around a corner to avoid a guy who has bead on me, but I die by a noob tube.
6:42 – 7:03 – I spawn and get another kill by running up to a guy and firing from the hip. I then die from being shot in the back. The same guy I had just killed; we both respawn across from each other and we are shooting at each other and I come up with the kill.
I lob a grenade and die by while I watch it leave my hand.
7:06 – 7:30 – I respawn and start hunting for players I run into a guy and gun him down. I see another player across the field behind some shipping containers. I run around to get him and we run into each other. He backs away and I start shooting wildly at him and he goes down.
Another player comes running in and a scope in for the kill. Then a third player kills me.
7:34 – 7:52 – I activate the UAV again. I lob another grenade and I start shooting as I round a corner because I thought there was going to be a player there. I notice there is a player going to be behind me (thanks to the UAV) and I sprint away from him. I run into a guy while I sprint and gun hum down. But the original guy behind me gets me and another player.
7:57 – 8:24 – I start chasing after a guy and he doesn’t know I am tailing him. He crouches down and I start shooting but he pops up quickly and I miss him. He turns around and I gun him down, he clips me and another player comes in and finishes me off.
8:36 – End – Game over, score screen

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